Sevarome products

Sevarome is at your service by offering you a comprehensive range of prepared ingredients prepared specifically for your applications: flavours, natural extracts and flavours, organic, Halal, Casher, pastes and nut preparations, technical ingredients and food colouring ingredients.

Given your specific imperatives, we also develop in complete transparency and full collaboration specific products to ensure the success and safety of your product.

For more information regarding our flavours, the availability of more creative notes, their forms or even the different types of conditioning, feel free to contact us. We can help you best choose your flavours according to your application and the regulations in force in your activity.

Food Flavours

Flavours are ingredients that model the organoleptic contours of your products. Discover the range of notes proposed by Sevarome by taste family.

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Aromatic Ingredients

The origins of our aromatic ingredients are rigorously selected so as to be able to offer you exceptional quality. Their use will enable you to obtain a designed result. Various conditionings are available.

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Preparations and nut pastes


Our nut pastes are derived from historic expertise at Sevarome. We are beginning by selecting our nuts from the best origins: Californian, Sicilian or Turkish pistachios – Piémont or Turkey hazelnuts – Spanish or Californian almonds – South West walnuts, etc. These products are then lightly roasted and ground until a smooth paste is obtained, and thus retain all their savour to add finesse and nobility to your desserts, ice creams, dishes, etc. We thus produce a range of noble and high end products for your best desserts.

Our original expertise on the grinding of nuts combined with our flavourist allows us to produce an entire range of flavoured, sweet, coloured nut pastes.

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Food colourings

Colourings are ingredients designed to customise or make the design of your products uniform. To choose your colourings correctly, some information is essential:
• The destination of your product
• The colouring pigment type required: non-azo, synthetic, natural, scintillating
• The constraints related to your product: hydrosoluble or liposoluble (chocolate making), thermal treatment, pH, etc.
• The shades of colour required
• A powder or liquid form

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Technical Ingredients

The Sevarome team formulated an entire range of technical ingredients with the greatest care to offer you a range perfectly suited to your constraints.

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