Preparations and nut pastes

Our nut pastes are derived from historic expertise at Sevarome. We are beginning by selecting our nuts from the best origins: Californian, Sicilian or Turkish pistachios – Piémont or Turkey hazelnuts – Spanish or Californian almonds – South West walnuts, etc. These products are then lightly roasted and ground until a smooth paste is obtained, and thus retain all their savour to add finesse and nobility to your desserts, ice creams, dishes, etc. We thus produce a range of noble and high end products for your best desserts.

Our original expertise on the grinding of nuts combined with our flavourist allows us to produce an entire range of flavoured, sweet, coloured nut pastes. We can even offer versions corresponding to different regulations throughout the world, and can adapt to everyone’s tastes and different applications.

Pistachio pastes

  • Pure pistachio paste
  • Praline pastes and/or flavoured and/or coloured (natural or azo-free colourings)
  • With bitter almond or fruity or roasted taste
  • Colour: from flashy to pastel green, until green-brown.

Almond pastes

  • Unroasted almond paste
  • Unroasted sugared almond paste with our without flavourings

Other nut preparations

  • Cashew nut: pure paste
  • Coconut: sugared paste 50% – paste prepared and flavoured
  • Pecan nut: pure paste
  • Walnut: pure paste – sugared & flavoured paste

Other paste preparations

  • Gianduja: chocolate/hazelnut paste
  • Nougat: nougat paste crunchy or smoothy paste
  • Tiramisu: Hazelnut, coffee, Marsala

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