Food colourings

Colourings are ingredients designed to customise or make the design of your products uniform. To choose your colourings correctly, some information is essential:

So feel free to contact us for more details or to be oriented on the choice of colouring agent that will best suit your needs.

Non-azo colourings

  • Yellow: carthame extract, riboflavin
  • Yellow/Orange: carotene, annatto (rocou), paprika, lutein (tagete)
  • Brown: Colouring caramel
  • Red: carmine, beetroot, anthocyanin
  • Green: with blue and yellow
  • Violet: with red and blue
  • Blue
  • Black: vegetable black coal

Natural pigments

  • Yellow: carthame
  • Yellow/Orange: carotene, annatto, paprika, lutein
  • Brown:  caramelized sugar, malted barley
  • Red: beetroot, anthocyanin
  • Green: chlorophyll
  • Blue: spirulina
  • Black: coal

Synthetic colourings

  • Yellow: Lemon yellow, Pineapple yellow, Yolk yellow, Golden yellow
  • Orange: Golden orange, Tangerine orange
  • Brown: Coffee brown, Chocolate brown, Caramel brown, Hazelnut brown
  • Red: Strawberry red, Raspberry red, Cherry red, Bilberry red
  • Green: Mint green, Pistachio green, Olive green
  • Purple
  • Blue: Light blue, Turquoise blue
  • Black: Shiny black, Inky black

Scintillating colourings

  • Bronze
  • Copper
  • Red

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