When pistachio meets coffee: Nactarome reached an agreement to partner with the coffee expert Trablit.

Nactis Flavours (Nactarome Group) and Trablit-ISDA today announce they have reached an agreement to enter into a strategic partnership. This increased collaboration will help strengthen Nactarome’s position in the natural coffee extracts segment, while Trablit will benefit from a wider portfolio of products to be offered to its existing customers and much more global reach.

This french company founded in 1845, has made a name for itself in the world of coffee. This historical brand, rooted in the transmission of know-how through generations of pastry chefs, remains a symbol of prestige and quality.

Leader in the coffee extract market, Trablit goes beyond the world of pastry to become the leading manufacturer and supplier of coffee flavoring with 100% natural products.

Click here to access the full press release.


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