A range 100% free alcohol

Consumption habits are changing and new trends are constantly impacting the drinks sector. With the nolo (no/low alcohol) trend, consumers are moving towards a more sensible use of alcohol and preferring to turn to healthier drinks while keeping their taste and festive appeal.

Producers of alcoholic beverages have had to become more imaginative in finding new alternatives, such as alcohol-free versions of their beers, ciders, spirits, etc.

To meet this growing market demand, our Research and Development department has developed a range of alcohol-free alternatives, without any comprise on taste.

Discover our range, based on 3 development axes and offering unique and innovative taste experiences:

  • Hard Seltzer

This new sparkling drink, which has arrived straight from the United States, is characterized by a low alcohol and calorie content and a fruity and fresh taste.

Our collection consists of various references divided into 5 axes with unique, natural and intense aromatic profiles: citrus, red fruits, exotic fruits, water fruits and original signatures (botanicals, spices, peppers, etc.)

  • Beers

Always well appreciated by consumers, the beer ranges are expanding by offering alcohol-free alternatives.  We offer a range of aromatic solutions to flavour your creations with fruity notes (citrus, green apple, raspberry, etc.) or more characteristic signatures such as the IPA note.

  • Spirits

Non-alcoholic spirits are also making their appearance on the market. To support you in your next developments, we have developed various profiles: gins (classic, bitter orange and pink), rums (white and amber) and Italian spirits (bitters, vermouths).


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