Our aromatic solutions for our low sugar products – FiE 2017

Nactis Flavours will unveil its new ingredients at the FiE 2017, with 2 focal points: for sweet products, natural flavours will reduce the sugar and salt content, aromatic and functional ingredients for trendy sauces.

Reducing sugar content: you can stay healthy whilst enjoying good food!

Recent research work has showcased the adverse effects of sugar, with the demand for less sweet and more natural products from consumer increasing without losing on the sweet taste. However, sugar has a complex functional role in our diet, making its reformulation a difficult task, as sweeteners are losing ground, with a preference for natural and Clean Label products.

innovation-sucré-FiETo make up for these issues and improve the nutritional quality of the products while retaining the taste and experience, Nactis Flavours has developed natural flavours that provide sweet tastes whilst reducing the sugar content. The first application involving biscuits was tested on a sensory panel. This innovation yields low sugar biscuits (-30% sugar), whilst retaining the sweet taste.
The sensory panel tasted the biscuits with several levels of sugar content and various flavours to approve the formulations. Following the tests, a natural ‘blond sugar’ flavour was retained for the reformulation of the biscuits with 30% less sugar compared to the original recipe.

And for a heightened experience, Nactis Flavours offers new tastes with the combination of natural fruit flavours. The products have fresh and tasty flavours such as blueberry, peach and the delicious clementine.

Other applications are currently under study in our culinary laboratory.

Nactis Flavours will unveil this innovation at the FiE. Visitors can enjoy these delicacies at stand 08.0A30.





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