Comforting notes of childhood memories

We all have regressive childhood memories: the smell of rice pudding, apple pie coming out of the oven or the crunch of crème brulée.

Since 2020, consumers have been going through periods of great anxiety that have pushed them to consume comforting, homemade products, to reconnect with their origins and to rediscover simple, authentic values. This is where the retrofoodism trend was born. A phenomenon that brings back to the forefront of our childhood.  A Mintel study has shown that 76% of people between 22 and 55 years old appreciate products that remind them of the past*.

Pastry chefs don’t hesitate to surf on this trend by revisiting great classics like apple pie or lemon meringue pie (less sugar, less fat, change of recipe…). On the retail side, some flagship products or flavours are making a comeback on the shelves.


It’s in this context that we decided to develop a collection composed of warm notes (gingerbread, salted butter caramel, nougatine and hot chocolate) and notes with childhood flavours (frangipane, crème tropézienne, crème brulée, apricot crumble and caramelized apple). This selection highlights French desserts that allow everyone to recall reassuring moments of sweetness.

The range extends to our Nactarome group in which we find collections related to the childhood of consumers in each country.


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