New winter range for marinades and stuffings

Prepare your next winter & festive range with our brand-new signature references for stuffings and marinades. This new range has been developed by our Culinary Experts by considering the 3 main trends of 2023 winter:

1 – The need for comfort & health      

2 – Towards more indulgence               

3 – At home, feeling like a restaurant

This new range has also been built by taking inspiration from Anglo-Saxon and Nordic specialties: gourmand and unique textures such as glaze or chutney, use of herbs, spices, sweet and fruity notes, all through shine and attractive appearance.

Discover our 10 tailored developments which combine Naturality, Authenticity and Creativity.

  • Innovative combinations to give a touch of originality to your STUFFINGS:

  • GLAZES with gourmet and warm notes for unique recipes:

  • Fruity and spicy CHUTNEYS ideal for spicing up your meat and fish:


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