New organic regulation 2022

The new EU organic regulation will be effective from January 1st 2022.

What will be the main changes?

  • According to the new regulation 848/2018, only natural ‘X’ flavourings will be allowed.
  • For the first time, organic certified flavourings will be defined at European level.

Food manufacturers will have 2 options: to use standard natural ‘X’ flavourings or organic certified ones.

  • The amount of flavourings will now count! Therefore, manufacturers of organic foods will have to take into account the % of flavourings in their calculation of ‘95/5’ ingredients of organic/non-organic origin.


Nactis Flavours, your partner to support you in these evolutions:

  • To adapt your current organic products as well as to develop new organic ranges.
  • We have a wide range of natural ‘X’ flavourings (in line with this new regulation) dedicated to a large range of sweet and savoury products.
  • We study the compliance of your flavouring and labeling.


Click here to access the complete press release.


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