(Re)discover the taste of homemade

Like authentic cooking recipes, our new range of broths, stocks and fumets have been developed combining premium ingredients: meat or fish extracts, vegetable juices, condiments… to create products with a cooked and traditional aromatic profile. (Re)discover the taste of homemade.

 Les Cuisinés™ is composed of two product ranges specifically formulated according to your needs:

  • Taste: noble ingredients rigorously selected and assembled to create recipes with an authentic aromatic profile.
  • Labeling: recipes with aromatics and their natural extracts, or natural flavourings to meet your requirements in terms of labeling strategy.
  • Cost: formulations designed according to your cost price requirements.

All of our references allow to bring a culinary signature to different types of finished products: sauces, cooking juices for ready meals, savoury spreads, deli meats, etc.



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