A major player for natural aromatic solutions

We are proud to announce a new step in Nactis Flavours Group’s development. Today, we are joining our forces with two Italian groups – AromataGroup and IPAM – under a new holding « Nactarome », majority-owned by the Pan European private equity fund Ambienta, with substantial minority shareholdings of several former owners and key managers

Ambienta SGR is Europe’s largest sustainability-focused private equity investor, with focus on industrial growth and investment in companies driven by environmental trends. This acquisition will allow the group to strengthen its presence in natural products and in the field of sustainability.

AromataGroup is a leading player in production of natural flavours, herb and plant extracts, and colourings. Its historic know-how has made AromataGroup a leader in the Italian and European food industries, particularly for alcoholic drinks, ice creams, bakery products, chocolates and cosmetics.

IPAM is the Italian market leader in breading solutions and functional ingredients for the food industry, with special focus on the ready meal market segment offering a wide range of marinades, fillings, and flavourings for vegetables and meat applications.

Joining forces will allow us to strengthen our formulation expertise and manufacturing of sweet and savoury solutions for our customers from over 80 countries. This new structure will employ over 400 professionals with a turnover superior to 100€ million. Innovation will continue to drive our growth strategy with various R&D departments, in which more than 60 specialists are employed.

Antoine Gambart, presently Head of BU Flavours, has been appointed Managing Director of Nactis Flavours Group. The current sales teams will remain unchanged. He affirms: “Customer satisfaction will remain our priority and we will make sure to continue to provide the highest quality of products, maintaining values we cherish, such as flexibility and reactivity of a human size company.”

Mr Hervé Lecesne, Founder of Nactis Flavours and President of Nactarome, commented: “We are very excited to join forces with AromataGroup and IPAM under the new holding Nactarome: a new, ambitious project, in which Nactis and its staff will enjoy important future growth and international development.”

Dr Hans Udo Wenzel, Founder of AromataGroup and Executive Chairman of Nactarome, added: “My Italian colleagues and myself are impressed by the skills and competence of the Nactis team: together, we will create an innovative player to delight existing and new customers in the European food and beverage industry.”

Mr Mauro Roversi, Partner and Chief Investment Officer at Ambienta, commented: “Strategic acquisitions are key for Nactarome, and we are very excited to partner with the group’s management team, who will hold a substantial minority shareholding in the new entity. Joining forces with Nactarome offers small producers the opportunity to be part of a fast-growing player, expand into new products and markets, and strengthen their sustainable offering.”


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