Synarome history

The end of 19th century

Claude Fraysse, the origin of the family dynasty

At the end of 19th century, Mr Claude Fraysse, chemical engineer, founded in Switzerland, near Geneva, a company manufacturing chemicals designed for the perfume industry, particularly including ionones and methyl ionones, that enabled violet scents to be created. He continued his career in the United States before returning to France in 1919. He then worked as a perfumer at Yardley and consultant for Worth and Weil.


Creation of Synarome

In 1926, his son Hubert, faithful to the family heritage, created the Synarome company at Asnières, city in which the greatest names of the profession were found at the time.

Assisted by his brother Georges, they developed many specialities among which the famous substitutes of natural raw materials. The first of these substitutes, Ambrarome Absolu was marketed from 1926 to replace the infusion of Ambergris, an intestinal concretion ejected by the sperm whale. Other specialities were created such as Muscarome, a substitute for Tonkin musk (from chevrotin) and Animalis, at midway between costus and Tonkin musk.


Synarome joins Nactis

In 2006, Research & Development joined the production operating from Chartres since 1974. It was also this year that the Fraysse family sold Synarome to Nactis. Synarome gives Nactis Flavours a new international dimension and also enables it to implement synergies between Flavours and Fragrances.


A fourth and new expertise

In 2011, this new collaboration at Chartres with Nactis R&D can develop additional activity: the manufacturing of raw materials for the aroma industry. A new range of products thus enhances the Synarome catalogue, with 200 references of raw materials and specialities.


An extended offer with PCAS F&F

In 2016, Synarome expanded its product portfolio with the recovery of the aromatic raw materials range of PCAS F&F. The brand thus extends its manufacture of high technology aromatic raw materials and chemicals.


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