Aromatic raw materials

Drawing on 80 years of perfumery know-how, our range of aromatic raw materials is continuously being enhanced with harmonious compositions derived from flowers and fruit or fully synthesised by our R&D teams.

The catalogue of over 200 listings from the Synarome brand covers fine perfumery, cosmetics, personal care and household products.

Discover some of our products:

Aromatic molecules

MP_molecule– Acetals
– Aldehydes
– Carboxylic esters
– Nitriles
– Schiff bases

Aromatic specialities

MP_lessives – Oakmossarome, a replacement product for oakmoss, a common allergen
– Ambrarome Absolu, a warm and strong note, similar to ambergris
– Animalis, an animal note similar to musk
– Algenone BP SP, a bouquet of marine and floral rose notes, predominantly lilac

Natural raw material derivatives

MPfragance1 – Concentrated and purified fractions of citrus essential oils
– Natural extracts of vetiver, geranium, cedar wood, sandalwood…